Recap of Our Second Meetup

Happy weekend, ladies!

Thank you to those who joined us Wednesday night for a great second meetup.

Unlike our first meetup, and as intended, this one was all about us: sharing our stories, the successes and challenges in our career-changing journey...and not feeling so alone since we're all going through similar things and now have each other.

Since all stories and journeys were unique, there aren't takeaways per se, but each attendee left with actionable items they can work on and report on at our next meetup. I'd encourage you all to use our private Facebook group to keep us informed of your progress on these items and so that we can cheer you along the way. (If you haven't joined us on Facebook yet, you can find that link on our meetup home page.)

A few members did mention that joining us was a first step for them, whether in overcoming their fear of networking or finally taking a step forward in a journey they knew was overdue. To them—and all of you who attended—I want to say congratulations. Showing up is a critical first step; participating is a second one. So you've already taken two steps forward and we're here to help you take more.

For those who couldn't make it, there's always next month and ways to stay involved and allow us to help you in your journey virtually. Feel free to reach out to me for suggestions.

Next month's meetup is our expert panel, so definitely not one to miss. And we're starting to charge a small fee just to cover our expenses (e.g., food or venue). If you'd like to attend but the fee is a hardship, let us know.

Since my actionable item was to take better care of myself (e.g., sleep and relax more), I wish myself and all of you a week where you're good to yourselves.

Until next time,