Preparation for this Week's Meetup

Happy Sunday ladies,

I'm so excited that our next meetup is coming up, and I look forward to hearing how your career-change journeys have been going.

Unlike our last meetup when we had a great guest, this one will be all about connecting and sharing. We'll start off by introducing ourselves, then spend most of the evening talking about what's been working and what has not in our journey. During this part of the evening, I'd like you to consider some of the things I've been writing about: either your one word, your strengths, where you find your joy, etc.

Funny enough—and I swear I don't plan this—I published another year-plus old blog draft that really speaks to our situation. You can read it here, but in brief, a book I read back then recommended considering what everyone keeps coming to you for as your purpose. Even if the thing people keep telling you you're great at is not what you see yourself doing, rethink the core of that thing and consider how else you can apply it.

After we've all had a chance to share our wins, challenges, and answers, we'll finish off the evening with a final circle where we do our own version of "give and get." Since we are trying to build a support network, we will all mention something we've learned either that evening or in our journey, something we would like to learn, and something we can teach others in our network. The hope is that this will further help us help each other and lead to expanded future opportunities.

I look forward to seeing you all this week.

Until then!