Face Your Fears

Being in transition is hard. You don't know how long it will take or whether you'll be happy with the outcome; all you can do is keep going forward, day by day, step by step, and hope for the best.

Some days and weeks are easier; others harder.

This past week was a hard one for me since my grandmother was hospitalized. Fortunately she's coming home tomorrow, but since she's elderly and ailing, we were all really afraid of losing her.

Death is one of my worst fears. I hate talking about it or even thinking about it, but there was no escaping it last week. And this made me realize that part of why I feared death was the unknown, but the other part was that it's an end and I'm terrified of not having the opportunity to contribute, to build—to make the difference I know I can.

I fear a life without meaning so I can't wait for a job to give me that meaning. I still hope for and will keep looking for that opportunity that is a great fit and that also allows me to contribute to something meaningful, but until that happens, I have to broaden how I define "meaning" in my life.

What is it you fear most? How can you redefine what it takes to face and overcome that fear?