Make Time for Recharging

Happy Sunday, ladies,

For those who have not RSVP'd for Wednesday, it's not too late to do so and you won't want to miss all the great tips our expert panelists have to share with us.

And I hope you all had a good week. Mine was good but unusual in that I actually read more fiction than nonfiction, which was much needed. And this reminded me of an important lesson.

Change is tough and takes its toll. We all know this but do we recognize how it effects all of us who are going through a major change? Do we make the time to take a break and recharge?

Since we don't know how long our career transitions will take, nor where this journey will lead us, we need to treat this as a marathon instead of a sprint (I borrowed this phrase but can't remember from whom).

In other words, pace yourself. Find the balance. Recharge. Don't lose track of who you are and the things and people that inspire you to keep going. Don't forget to exercise, eat well, sleep, read...or whatever it is that you need to refuel for the journey ahead.

And with us nearly ready to "spring forward," more sunlight will hopefully help us recharge too.

Until next time,