How to Figure Out What's Next

Hi ladies,

I hope you all had a good week.

I had originally planned on writing about a different topic, but then something serendipitous happened. Since I hadn't finished the business book I had started, I didn't have a new post for my other blog and therefore had to access the few drafts I had previously written and not posted. Funny enough, the oldest one was about figuring out how to figure out what was next during your career transition. You can read it in its entirety here.

Regardless of when I originally wrote this and why, it speaks to me a lot more now then it did then. In rereading this post, which I hadn't touched since November of last year, three things jumped out at me:
  1. Looking back to what you enjoyed as a way to figure out your path forward.
  2. Considering the things friends and family naturally come to you for as indication of what your purpose is.
  3. And really digging into your essence even if the package may not be practical.
Since we're all transitioning, I think these questions—and perhaps this book—are things worth considering. And don't we all aspire to do the thing we enjoy and are naturally good at? 

What other questions do you ask yourself to help you forward during this time? 

Please share your thoughts either here or in our Facebook group and I look forward to discussing all this during our next meetup.

Until next time.