Daily Blessings

I wrote about facing our fears last week and even shared what mine was. Facing it had taught me I had to redefine how and where I find meaning in my life.

So when I realized how hard it was for me to remember all the good in my life and in the world, I decided to do something about it to help me and others in similar situations: I started a secret Facebook group called Daily Blessings.

It's meant to be a place to focus on the good—on our daily blessings—and to share them with each other so that we're both motivated and motivating. I invited a bunch of my friends and also asked for others to opt into this experiment, and so far people are appreciating it. I've even had friends tell me that they needed something just like this, which made me feel good and supplied some of that much needed meaning I had been looking for. 

And I've kept it "secret" on Facebook (i.e., not searchable) not to keep people out, but to make sure that the wrong people don't find it. In another group I manage, I had admitted some members I then had to kick out for inappropriate posts. I eventually made that group secret to avoid more "policing" and didn't want any of that negativity to affect Daily Blessings.

If having a positive and safe place where we can help each other remember our daily blessings would help you, just send me your email address and I'll add you to the group. And members are free to invite others, so I'm hoping we can spread some positivity and hope, which will definitely help us in our career change journey and in life.